5 steps to a perfect weight loss smoothie

Perfect weight loss smoothie

In this post we would like to share with you the formula of a perfect weight loss smoothie.

If you regularly drink smoothies, you probably once is a while experienced situation when you felt hungry or dissatisfied after you had a whole glass of drink. Why it happens? Why do some smoothies let you forget about hunger for a long time and after drinking others, your stomach begins to rumble just after about twenty minutes?

Satiety is a very decisive factor that makes any diet more enjoyable and effective. After all, if you do not constantly feel hungry, there will be less chances that you will break and send the whole diet to hell. Moreover, thanks to the “right” and balanced smoothies, you will forget about the aggressiveness associated with malnutrition and will even create some free time to enjoy other things, because smoothies are so easy and quick to make!

So, in this article, we want to share with you 5 essential ingredients for making a perfect weight loss smoothie. Although, why only for weight loss? These smoothies will generously saturates your body with useful nutritions and will charge you with energy for the whole day.

A Perfect Weight loss Smoothie Formula


Liquid is an essential ingredient in any smoothie. Without it, even the most powerful blender will not be able to mix all the ingredients well.

Perfect weight loss smoothie


Smoothie, by definition, is a blended fruit drink, thus fruits are an essential ingredient in every smoothie. You can, of course, come up with smoothie recipes that do not contain any fruit or berries at all, but this will be more an exception than a norm.

Leafy Greens

Any leafy greens helps body maintain a good health, energizes it for a long time, and also help to maintain blood sugar levels under control and allows you to successfully fight excess weight.

Of course, you can stick to fruit and berry smoothies, but if you want to give your body the best treatment, add some greens to it. If your goal is weight loss and detox, then herbs should be the main ingredient in all your smoothies.

Don’t be scared by the green color of the smoothie. If you choose the right ingredients, the taste of such green smoothie will be not worse than the best fruit smoothie. As soon as you and your body get used to the taste of the green smoothie and energy it gives, fruit smoothies will slowly become a second best choice.

Leafy Greens

Check here our suggestions for the Green Smoothie Recipes

Protein: Main element of a perfect weight loss smoothie

So, we finally got to the main element, which makes smoothies nutritious and satisfying, which can last for several hours.

Protein is the main element that gives a feeling of satisfaction and fullness. This is especially true if you follow a smoothie diet, in which a smoothie is not just a dessert, but a complete meal replacement.

Pity to see that many refuse smoothie diet just because they simply cannot cope with hunger, which  can arise after drinking some smoothies. What is actually the reason for it? It turn to be rather simple.  The recipe is simply unbalanced. You need to add protein and healthy fats to your recipe.

By the way, it is not necessary to use expensive protein powders in smoothies, which, in addition to everything, often contain chemistry. We believe that nuts and seeds will be much more effective, more natural and healthy. Moreover, they will add a lot of healthy fats to your drink, which will make smoothies even more satisfying.

Perfect weight loss smoothie

For a perfect weight loss smoothie you will need a good blender. Check here the best blenders from Amazon


Supplements are another important ingredient in a healthy and balanced smoothie. Thanks to supplements, smoothies are transformed from a regular dessert into a full breakfast, lunch or dinner. They slightly thicken the smoothie texture, complement it with useful complex sugars and fiber.

The more nutritious the smoothie, the longer you stay satisfied and less likely that you will reach for a bite in between the meals.

Perfect weight loss smoothie

If you want your smoothies to be not only healthy, but also have a perfectly fit with your taste, then you can try the following.

For a sweet tooth

Depending on what ingredients you use, your drink may turn out to be average in taste or even sour. This is exactly the moment when natural sweeteners can be a savour. Fortunately, there are plenty to choose from, since the range of useful sweeteners is quite widely available on the market.

For the lovers of spicy food

In addition to sweets, you can season your smoothie with spices. This will make smoothie more interesting and will add all the benefits of the spices to the drink. It is not a secret that many spices carry a lot of useful nutrition and have been used in folk medicine for centuries to maintain health and fight against diseases.

To conclude, for a perfect weight loss smoothie, you need to add the right amount of protein and healthy fats to the usual ingredients (fruits, vegetables and herbs). This will allow you to avoid unnecessary snacks and help you stay on a healthy and tasty diet for much longer. And who knows, maybe you will like it so much that it will become your daily routine.

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