Bamix Immersion Hand Blender Review

Bamix Immersion Hand Blender

Bamix Immersion Hand Blender is perhaps the undisputed leader among Immersion Hand Blenders. This is a dream blender for those who love to cook and the level of knowledge and preparation does not really matter. No wonder that the best chefs often give preference to Bamix blender while creating their food masterpieces.

Bamix Immersion Hand Blender

Despite the modern design and innovative functionality, you can see that the models themselves have not changed much over the last sixty years. In 1950 the Swiss Roger Perrinjaquet invented an appliance that could work directly in pans on the stove. Since then, Bamix blender remains the first example of manual food processors in the world combining high power and compact size. Today bamix® offers you modernized models of legendary technology, made in a modern style and equipped with additional accessories.

High Quality

Bamix Immersion Hand Blender is famous for its superior quality. Production of parts, components and assembly of the finished product are 100% carried out in Switzerland. The engine – the heart of any blender – is assembled and passes several stages of testing directly at the plant in Mettlen in Switzerland. A rotor of the motor, after winding the wire and gluing it together, undergoes balancing in approximately the same way as when balancing the wheels of a car. As a result, the blender works very quietly, does not vibrate and does not beat in hands at high rotor speeds. Each bamix® motor passes the final 10-minute continuous operation test, during which the engine behavior is carefully tested in accordance with the standards. The bamix® motor is designed for continuous use (more than 5 minutes) and can handle overloads.

The motor power of the majority of the Bamix Immersion Hand blenders (except for a few models) does not go beyond 200 Watt. However, the wattage says nothing about the strength of the motor, but gives rather an impression of the energy consumption. bamix® does not get its power from the wattage as is often thought in other immersion hand blenders, but from the number of revolutions per minute. The most basic bamix® model, the Mono M140, for example, already makes 10,000 revolutions per minute and is therefore much more powerful than, for example, 600 to 750 watt hand blenders of other manufactures. bamix® does not use a transmission (removable rod), thus the motor transfers 100% of its power to the blending nozzle. This makes the product stronger and simply does not require that wattage. Another advantage that you will notice, is in your wallet because the energy meter taps less and you have the option of turning on multiple appliances in your kitchen at the same time … so no overloading of the plugs.

Bamix Immersion Hand Blender

The blender handle is made of nylon. It is twice as expensive as polypropylene and other cheap plastics used by most manufacturers of similar products, however more durable and you have a quality that will last for many years. Nylon has a high resistance to shock and destruction and has an incredible combination of properties: high strength, heat resistance, elasticity and resistance to many chemicals. The blender handle is fully sealed to keep the motor free from exposure to the moisture. By the way, the blender is easy to hold in hand, because in addition to the special geometry of the handle itself, the body has a corrugated surface.

Bamix Immersion Hand Blender

Bamix Glass Jar for products processing is made from Tritan, a material that is impact-resistant, unbreakable and heat-resistant up to 200 degrees C. You can use it in the freezer and microwave. It is non-toxic and dishwasher safe. Tritan is widely used in higher quality products plastic material owing to its unique combination of properties, which are not found in any other single material including metal, glass or any other plastic. Such properties include impact-resistant (can be used safely without breaking or cracking), strong (extended service life, thus reducing waste flow) and is exceptionally resistant to the dishwasher – the material can be washed almost without any material deterioration. Tritan is much lighter than glass – making it easier to handle, without the fear of breaking the material and is BPA-free making it suitable for baby food preparation.

Bamix jug


You start to feel Swiss affiliation from the first second you hold the packed product in your hands. The packaging of every model has its own unique style, that speaks about application even without opening the box.

The bamix® box utters only one massage – inside is a professional kitchen appliance that you will love. The company offers both completely home models and professional solutions for large industries.

Bamix Immersion Hand Blender


The first thing that catches your eye when you open the package – the blender has an integral design. The leg and the control unit are one, and only the nozzles can be removed and replaced with others. An unusual solution gives several advantages at once:

  • all mechanical parts are docked once at the factory and that’s all, which means that the probability of breakage and abrasion of parts due to improper connection of the blender’s leg to the main unit decreases significantly;
  • the blender can be immersed in the mass right up to the level of the body, since liquids will not be able to get inside and damage the motor;
  • a cord is quite long, 190 cm, and give you freedom to move and be more independent from the location of outlets in the kitchen or in the workshop.


Bamix Immersion Hand blender comes with different accessories. The higher the price the more accessories will come together with the blender. If your model does not have them all, but you would like to have them, you can always purchase accessories separately.

Most models come with the following accessories.

Stand that can be put on the table or can be attached to the wall.

Bench Stand Delux Bamix

Bell cover: protects you against splashing of the ingredients. It is not resistant to aggressive cleaning agents and therefore not suitable for washing in the dishwasher. You can clean the bell cover by removing it from the bamix® with an English twist and cleaning in hot soapy water. The protective bell fits any type of bamix®, old or new.

Bamix bell cover

Four blades: multipurpose, beater, whisk and mincing blade. All blades are made from stainless steel.

The Multipurpose Blade, also known as C-blade, is used for chopping, chopping raw and boiled vegetables, fruits, berries, both fresh and frozen, boiled meat, for making mashed potatoes, ice cream, sorbet, and also allows you to crush ice cubes. Ideal for preparing baby food and soups based on fresh vegetables.

Multipurpose blade Bamix

The Beater blade, also known as aerator or A-blade, is a flat disk that does amazing aerating in seconds making perfect dressings, milkshakes, smoothies, light lattes, tiramisu and sauces. It tilts a mixture which allows air to get into it, hence the name aerator. It is ideal for anything that needs beating with a light touch, like for whipping egg whites, fresh cream or for turning skimmed milk into the consistency of cream.

Beater Blade Bamix

The Whisk blade, also known as B blade, is perfect for mixtures that need a thick consistency like light batters and ideal if you want to make mayonnaise, sauces, pancakes, omelets or hard to mix powdered ingredients. The blade is suitable for all sorts of drinks and cocktails, sauces and creams, dressings and marinades.

Whisk Blade Bamix

The Mincing blade, also known as M-blade, minces, cuts and chops up to 500 g of meat without bones or vegetables with course fibres.

Mincing blade Bamix

SliceSy Set: compatible with all bamix® models except Gastro 350W.
The set has Chopping Blade for mixing & stirring dough, three Graters (fine, medium and coarse) and two slicers (fine and coarse). The minimum wattage of the machine must be 160 watts for optimum use. It is recommended to use the SliceSy in a pulsed way when using the large Mincing blade (this improves the result and prevents unnecessary overheating of the product).

SliceSy Bamix

Dry Chopper and Grinder: process dry foods and herbs by easily attaching the accessory to almost all bamix Immersion Blender (except the Gastro Pro-3 model). The difference between the Chopper and Wet Dry Processor is that the hacker has a removable blade and the processor a fixed blade. The Chopper is easy to clean with a loose blade, the processor closes slightly better and is therefore better suited for liquid substances.

Bamix Dry Chopper and Grinder

Wet Dry Processor Mill: compatible with all bamix ® models except Gastro 350W. Minces dried vegetables, chocolate, caster/icing sugar, spices, coffee, breadcrumbs, dried fish, dried mushrooms, cheese, nuts, grains, poppy seeds , linseed, sesame seeds, garlic, coconut etc. Perfect for mixes toppings; curry paste, garlic butter, peanut butter

Wet Dry Processor Mill Bamix

Powder Disc for Processor: Compatible with the bamix® Wet & Dry Processor only and is used to grind spices such as pepper, nutmeg or cinnamon into very fine powder

Powder Disc for Processor Bamix


The best chefs and pastry chefs on the planet, gastronomy specialists and simple housewives deserve to give their heart to Bamix blenders. The company managed to make a product that has no cons, and which gives you more and more opportunities along with the growth of your knowledge and skills. This is incredible when you can buy one blender and gradually increase the number of operations that it is able to perform.

Among the best chefs who use Bamix Immersion Hand Blender are Jamie Oliver (he also has his own bamix® model), Jean-Claude Fascina, Gordon Ramsay and many others.

Jamie Oliver

Jean-Claude Fascina

Gordon Ramsay

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