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Blenders are fairly simple kitchen appliances and can make food preparation more efficient, thus saving time. Blenders are mostly used for mixing, blending, grind ice cubes, emulsifying or combining more than one product in one mix. That makes them very suitable for making smoothies, shakes and for pureeing homemade soup. Are you planning to buy a blender? That might seem like an easy task, but with different types and functions available, it takes some consideration to ensure your blender meets your needs. Before going to the shop, answer the following questions that will help you to make a right choice.

Types of blenders

Blenders are ideal for blending, pureeing, stirring and mixing of ingredients. There are three main configurations on the market: Countertop, Personal and Immersion Blenders.

are able to make everything from smoothies to frozen drinks, has preprogrammable settings that make blending a breeze.

are a quick way to blend up a smoothie or protein shake and are the best suited for those that have a busy life style or have limited storage space.

are the most popular type of blenders and are often found in the kitchen. They allow  to blend hot liquids directly in a pan.

What to consider when choosing a blender

You can buy a blender between few  tens euros to more than € 400. The price difference is due to all sorts of factors:

Use of materials

Blenders with a metal housing and a glass jug are more expensive than blenders with a housing and jug made of plastic. Glass and metal are more robust and generally last longer than plastic. A glass jug  also looks nicer, less susceptible to scratching and becomes less dull than a plastic jug. A glass jug is also better suited to puree hot ingredients, for example homemade soups. But a glass jug is also a lot heavier and if it falls can break in very small pieces.


Capacity of a jug differs per blender. Therefore, determine in advance for what quantities you want to use the blender. In general, the larger the jug of the blender the more expensive it is.


Blenders with a higher power are more expensive than those with a low power (up to 1200 watts). However, a higher power does not automatically means that the blender also makes better smoothies and soups. And in some of those Power Blenders, smoothies heat up due to the heat of the engine.


Blenders that can be seen on the counter are more expensive than blenders that you prefer to hide in your kitchen cupboard. That test does not say anything about how good the blender is, is clear from our test.

How to take a proper care for your blender

Cleaning blender

Taking proper care of your blender can not only prolong its lifespan but can also lead to better and healthier food creations. There are some simple things you can do to achieve this.

Place a silicone mat under the blender. This will help to prevent the blender from sliding, but is also useful to damper the sound.

Put ingredients in right order. When adding ingredients to the blender, first add liquids, then solids and then ice. This will not only lead to a perfect final texture of the drink or soup but will also make the blender work optimally.

Chop foods. Blenders process smaller chunks of food easier then bigger ones. By chopping food before putting it in the blender, will reduce the stresses put on the blades thus extending the lifespan of your device.

Clean regularly. After use, it is important to thoroughly clean your blender. Remove the jug from the motor unit and clean the motor unit housing with a damp cloth. Use the dishwasher for the parts that are suitable for this. Check for this the manufacturer’s specifications. Is the jug not allowed in the dishwasher? Then add a drop of soap and fill the jug with hot water. They briefly switch on the device. Then rinse the device at least once with clean warm water. Wash the blades by hand. This makes them less likely to become blunt. Dry them immediately after washing to prevent rust.

Storage. Do not put the lid back on the jug when you store the blender. This reduces the risk that the blender will stink.

Blender trends

Easy and fast food preparation as well as adding more convenience to the cooking are expected to be the key factors driving the developments in household appliances. Combining mixing of the ingrediencies and cooking in one process can save time and free time for what we really enjoy doing. The Vitamix brand, for example, lets the blender blades rotate so quickly that you can make hot soup with them in six minutes, without having to use a stove or microwave. With the quick development of Artificial Intelligence technologies, we see the rise of Smart Blenders, with built-in bluetooth function that you can manipulate from your smartphone.

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