How to motivate a child to drink more smoothies?

motivate to drink more smoothies

How to motivate children and teenagers to drink more smoothies? Question to which a lot of parents would love to have an answer. Junk food low in nutrients is often a preferred meal and to bring in some healthy variations is not always easy. So, how should you do it?

Start with the tastiest

Many would think that everyone likes smoothies, because just about everyone likes fruit and that is the main ingredient of a smoothie. Yet, there are many people and especially children and teenagers that come up with all kinds of reasons to refuse them. Particularly, green, vegetable or superfood smoothies could be challenging. If smoothie is something new for your kids and the first try was not successful, do not give up to motivate to drink more smoothies. Make a step back and go further in small steps forward. Begin with one smoothie per week. First offer the tastiest smoothies with healthy sweeteners, then try it with less and finally without sweeteners. Once the first step is made with sweet, fruit dominant smoothies, you can start offering the green and superfood smoothies. Especially with children it takes a little more time to get them used to it. To start with the green smoothies, use the tender-flavored baby spinach or baby chard. Green Smoothie With Mango could be the good one to start.


It is important for your children that eating smoothies evokes positive associations in them, so that it becomes easier to develop a positive attitude towards smoothies. A good idea could be to organize a green or superfood smoothie party with a friends who also like making smoothies. Browse the recipe book with your children and let them make their recipe choices. It is usually because they decided what they want to eat they will be more motivated to drink a smoothie. Because children like fixed habits, you can, for example, choose a fixed day or a fixed hour for making smoothies. Involve your child in everything needed to get the green or superfood smoothie on the table, from shopping to making and decorating the smoothies and setting the table. The next step is to come up with new recipes and try them out. Use your child’s favorite figure as a name for the self-made smoothie. Many children enjoy smoothie that you call Superman, The Little Mermaid or a SpongeBob Smoothie. Or let your child come up with a nice name himself.


Teenagers are known to love junk food and it is almost an impossible task to have your teenage son or daughter eat healthy. Teenagers are regularly found in the chip department of the local supermarket. If your son or daughter says ‘yes’ once on a green or superfood smoothie, take the opportunity and put a lot of extra superfoods in it. Try to offer teenagers these smoothies as often as possible. With some teenagers it is wise not to mention the health benefits at all.

motivate to drink more smoothies

You eat with your eyes

motivate to drink more smoothies

Make attractive and special superfood smoothies for your family members. Decorate the smoothies with extra slices of fruit, decorate the edges with, for example, coconut grater, serve them with straws or make figures or funny faces on the smoothies with superfood powder. Also remember to serve the smoothies in a stylish glass. Make the green smoothies, which children are not particularly fond of, extra attractive by making layers. Your goal then is a layer of what your child likes on the bottom and the green smoothie on top. So they have something to spoon to.

Give a good example

By eating green and superfood smoothies yourself and enjoying them, you show your child that a green or superfood smoothie is quite a good idea. All in all, it is the best motivation to drink more smoothies for your children. You will see: at a certain point that your child will notice and get used to it and will ask you to make a smoothie for him or her. It will go faster than you think, and soon you will be fighting with your child for a glass of a tasty smoothie!

So, how to motive your children to drink more smoothies?

  1. Start with small setps. 
  2. Evoke positive associations: have fun by organising a kids party, decorating a drink or choosing the best smoothie drink name.
  3. Give a good example and be a hero for your kids.

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