Top 5 best personal blenders 2020

Best Personal blenders

Personal blenders are usually smaller than Countertop blenders. Personal blenders are a quick way to blend up a smoothie or protein shake and are the best suited for those that have a busy life style or have limited storage space. Personal blenders have compact size and take away containers that are perfect to quickly whip up a smoothie or protein shake and then be on the go. So, what do you need to know to choose the right blender and what are the best personal blenders on the market?

What is important when choosing a blender

Essentially, there are three main parameters you have to look at when choosing a personal blender.


Blenders come in different shapes and sizes and also for different budgets. A plastic version is a lot cheaper and lighter than a metal blender, however, less durable and tend to discolor with time. Further, the blender from a brand manufacture will be more expensive than from an unknown manufacture.


Personal blenders are usually less powerfull than Countertop blenders. You mostly use them for making quick fruit smoothies from soft ingredients, so a high power is not really needed. For berries, fruits and liquids, models with power up to 600 watts is enough. If you plan to chop nuts, frozen berries and ice often, it is certainly better to choose a blender with a higher power or consider buying a Countertop blender. For blending hard ingredients go at least for 750–900 Watts, the higher the better. Blenders with higher power are usually more expensive but give you much better mixing.


Personal blenders usually have one or two blades that can be curved (left) or straight (right). A straight blade grinds food not as good as a curved blade. We advise to choose a blender with curved blades, as they blend and mix ingredients much better. It seems counter-intuitive, however better performing blenders do not have sharp blades (which tend to dull overtime). Instead, they have strong blades made from hardened stainless steel. This also makes them much safer to clean.

Blender blades

Portable blender

As you know, smoothies need to be taken exclusively in a fresh form – “aged” drinks lose a significant proportion of nutrients. If you have a portable mini blender, you don’t have to change useful habits, nor worry that the unit will take up too much space in your travel bag or backpack.

The portable blender is powered by a battery charged via a USB cable (charging time usually does not exceed 2 hours). The body is usually covered with an anti-slip silicone shell, a tight sealed lid reliably protects the content from spilling. Better to go for the smallest yet most powerful blender. While choosing the blender, look at motor wattage and RPM’s of blender motor. The higher the power and the faster the blades will rotate the more homogenies mixture you will get. The disadvantage of high power portable blenders, however, is that you might need to charge your blender more often.

Best Personal Blenders 2020

  1. Nutri Ninja BL 480 Auto-IQ – best overall personal blender
  2. Magic Bullet 11 Small – best value portable blender
  3. Nutribullet 900 Pro – nice minimalistic blender
  4. Xiaomi Ecological Chain QCOOKER – ecological blender
  5. Xiaomi Mijia Viomi Blender – excellent portable blender
Best Overall

Nutri Ninja BL 480 Auto-IQ

The Nutri Ninja Auto-IQ Blender is a practical blender with intelligent functions that allows you to easily prepare smoothies without losing healthy fibers, vitamins and minerals. With integrated intelligence function the Nutri Ninja BL 480 Auto-IQ Blender makes smoothies quickly and easily. If you choose for the blend function, it pulses and mixes precisely enough to give your smoothie a good structure. If you want to blend extra hard ingredients choose the ultra-blend function and you will get a perfect result. Of course it is also possible to take the full control over the mixing in your own hands. For this you can use the on/off button and the pulse function. The blender is also suitable for chopping ice, so that you can have a perfect cold drink for hot summer days. 

The Nutri Ninja Auto-IQ Blender does not take up much space on the counter, 15×15 and the height is 20 cm without a cup. Powerful motor of 1000W in combination with strong blades delivers smoothies with an even, soft structure that drinks nicely away. You make your smoothie directly in the drinking cup. Drinking lid provides extra convenience, so you can easily take fresh smoothie with you on the go. The Nutri Ninja BL 480 Auto-IQ comes with a recipe book for smoothie inspiration.

Pros and cons

  • high power 1000W
  • two intelligent functions
  • suitable for blending nuts and ice
  • blending cup is used for mixing and drinking
  • two drinking cups included
  • two to-go lids included
  • takes up little space
  • easy to clean
  • only suitable for cold ingredients
  • small mixing volume (max 24 oz or 0.65 l)
  • quite noisy
Best Value

Magic Bullet 11 Small

This new 11-part variant of the Magic Bullet Blender combines all the functions of a blender, mixer food processor, without clutter and without hassle. It is a perfect kitchen appliance for anyone who wants to eat fresh, tasty and healthy food quickly. The Magic Bullet is also ideal for making snacks and sauces. The combination of the high speed and the razor-sharp Cross Blade makes all ingredients processed evenly for a perfect consistency. With the ‘Lock On Mode’ you keep your hands free while the blades are cutting. With the manual ‘Pulse Mode’ you can determine yourself how coarse or fine the ingredients have to be chopped which is handy while preparing dishes with a coarser structure, such as fresh salsa or chopped onions. 

Magic Bullet has a slim, compact design so that the blender takes up little space on your kitchen counter or in your kitchen cupboard. With the Magic Bullet you receive an anti-leak lid, handy for taking along a fresh smoothie. You also get a standard anti-leak lid for keeping your prepared smoothie fresh.

There is also a 17-piece variant of this blander available.

Pros and cons

  • all lids and cups are dishwasher and microwave safe
  • the blender and all accessories are BPA free
  • you can easily clean the removable blades by hand after use
  • blending and drinking cups as well as lids can be cleaned easily after use in the dishwasher
  • takes up little space
  • relatively weak motor with a power of 250W
  • not suitable for mixing frozen or hard ingredients
  • small mixing volume (max 17 oz or 0.5 l)
  • quite noisy
Nice minimalistic blender

The NutriBullet 900 Pro Blender is a nice, minimalist blender that can blend everything into a pure juice in a no time. The Blender is easy to clean, not too large, ideal for 1-person quantities (especially handy for the ones that cannot estimate quantities properly and usually make too much). The extra power of the 900W make it easier to crush frozen fruit and even nuts to liquid. It uses stainless steel extractor blades and cyclonic action to break up the ingredients. Slightly more expensive than the average blender, but it is well worth it. Available in several colors. Some identified weak points are it is quite noisy, the lid has a tendency to unscrew while blending and at a maximum level of ingredients, which can lead to leakage. A standard cover to take with you would be a nice addition.

Pros and cons

  • high power 900W
  • suitable for blending nuts and frozen fruits
  • the blend cup is used for mixing and drinking
  • takes up little space
  • nice looking
  • easy to clean
  • long cord
  • only suitable for cold ingredients
  • no lid is supplied, so you cannot take the blend cup with you on the road
  • quite noisy
  • can unscrews during blending
Ecological blender

Xiaomi Ecological QCOOKER Blender is a personal blender produced by famous Chinese company Xiaomi suitable for 1-2 portions. Blender is equipped with silicon and damping processor base, which helps to reduce the noise during operation. This personal blender has a triple interlock design, making the blender safe, easy to use and convenient. To start the blender you only need to put ingredients into the cup, screw the cutting head on top and rotate the cup gently to connect with the body. So done! One-button turn on/off design make it so easy to operate that even children and elderly people will not have difficulties to make a tasty smoothie. 

Xiaomi Ecological QCOOKER Blender can be used to make smoothies, milk shakes or to grind whole grains. It is also suitable to prepare baby food. The blending cup goes together with the leakage proof cup making it easy to take fresh smoothie with you on a way. Blender has 304 stainless steel knifes and an elegant and anti-fingerprints processor body made from durable stainless steel. Cup is made from high quality Tritan material which is non toxic and is used for the production of baby bottles.

Note: the product has no Xiaomi logo

Pros and cons

  • the blend cup is used for mixing and drinking
  • suitable for baby food preparation
  • takes up little space and easy to use on-a-go
  • easy to clean
  • nice looking
  • excellent price-quality
  • Instructions are only available in Chinese
Excellent portable blender

Ecological chain product

Xiaomi Mijia Viomi Portable Blender is another blender of the Chinese Xiaomi brand and belongs to the ecological chain products. This portable blender has a 0.5L/16oz blending cup with a hidden loop that is light and convenient to use. The blender is perfect for on-a-go at school, office, traveling and home, and  can be used at any location as it does not require connection to electrical circuit.  The blending cup is made of Tritan which is nontoxic and harmless.


The built-in rechargeable 2000mAh lithium-ion battery is sufficient to make 10-12 runs. Thus, with one single charge you can meet your daily needs for a week. The blending time is 45 seconds. Blender is very easy to operate. With just one button you can prepare delicious fresh smoothie. No need to manually rinse. Put the water into the cup and press the button, it will start to clean by itself. When open, the power is automatically cut off to avoid accidental operation.


The blender has a protection for motor overheat and battery overcharge and discharge. The Xiaomi Mijia Viomi blender has 4 blades made from 304 stainless steel which can rotate in 360°. The strong 14500RPM engine gives it enough power for up to 45 seconds of quick juicer blender. It can blend fruits and vegetables into smoothies effortlessly without leaving chunks. Delivery is free from China.

Note: the product has no Xiaomi logo

Pros and cons

  • cordless
  • takes up little space and easy to use on-a-go
  • the blend cup is used for mixing and drinking
  • easy to clean
  • takes up little space
  • nice looking
  • only suitable for fruit and vegetables
  • not suitable for hard ingredients, like nuts and ice

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